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We’re here to bring inspiration and encouragement to families and people touched by Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Through scholarships, advocacy, and sharing real-life stories, we help families on their Apraxia journey, giving them the strength and positivity they need.


Round of Applause to our 2024 Scholarship Recipients!

A young man with short brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a business suit and white shirt, poses against a blue background in a style reminiscent of Elina Csapo's portraits.

Thomas Carlton


A young man with blonde hair in a plaid shirt, unmistakably Ty Myers, stands on a brick-paved street with colorful buildings in the background.

Ty Myers


Ty Myers, a person with long brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a beige knit sweater, smiles while taking a selfie against a plain light-colored wall.

Caitlyn Little


Elina Csapo, a young woman with long, wavy hair and a blue patterned shirt, smiles while resting her chin on her hand against a blurred background of trees.

Elina Csapo


A person with curly hair, possibly Sam Walrath, smiles in front of a brightly lit castle at night.

Sam Walrath


Portrait of Gavin Brennan, a young man with light brown hair smiling, wearing a dark suit and tie against a blurred grey background.

Gavin Brennan


Ava Hendrix, a young woman with long blonde hair and a slight smile, looking directly at the camera against a plain background.

Ava Hendrix


Young man with curly hair and glasses smiling in a backyard with a wooden playset in the background.

Aidan Halkuff


Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Proverbs 31:8

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Young boy with a cheerful smile, sitting on a gray sofa, wearing a blue shirt during Ethan's journey.

Ethan’s Journey

A poster with the words keep going never give up on a purple background.

My name is Katelyn Le and I have apraxia

A group of people sitting on a slide with their children.

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