Our Mission

Uplifting Families and Inspiring Hope

Apraxia 101 was created to empower, educate, and inspire those affected by Apraxia. 


It’s true that knowledge is power, and so is hope. Apraxia 101 encourages learning more about Apraxia. There are many reasons to feel hopeful, because there are others who are walking or have walked where you are, and they are willing to share their stories with you. You are not alone.


You don’t know what you don’t know. And guess what, neither do others. Advocating is educating those around you about Apraxia. When others understand the unique struggles of Apraxia, compassion often follows. Apraxia 101 provides tools, videos, and examples of ways to educate yourself and others.


Nothing is more inspirational than hearing from someone who has Apraxia. College-bound high school seniors with Apraxia have taken the time to share the positives that come from the challenges of Apraxia. These remarkable seniors share words of encouragement through videos made specifically for those impacted by Apraxia. Since 2019 Apraxia 101 has been providing college scholarships to high school seniors with Apraxia.

Join our Apraxia 101 family, explore, gather some information, and even share your journey with us and with others in our community. 

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